March 30, 2019

Thinking a lot about performing. Miss the stage. The action. The movement. I want to do a play. I would do a comedy show of course but I would really like to do a play.

Construction is still happening at the store. There are now walls where there used to be aisles. And passageways that were not present before are now available. The most impressive part of the project so far for me has been the new escalators. They are really pretty. I hope the store gets new elevators. It's just a matter of time before someone gets stuck in one of them. My dumb ass got on one the other day after the doors open hallway. I am lucky I didn't get stuck.

There is something about the first floor. Since we have moved upstairs I have yet to be cussed at. When we were in the basement I was cussed at at least once a pay period. Not the case since we moved to the first floor. The customers are still a little cranky at times. And rightfully so. Imagine actually believing that you can go from being your average IQ bad decision-making ass to always right simply by becoming a customer. However, they don't behave like they did in the basement. Am I answering my own wonderment with the words basement.

Excited for the tournament. I was very surprised by Michigan's play and I am probably not alone. Zion is a big dude. Does he have a twelve foot jumper? Is that a thing in the NBA anymore? Or is it officially dunks and threes? I ask like I don't watch. But like I really don't.

It's actually how not interested in sports I have become. Have I shared this already? Moving on.

Patiently waiting for TS7.

March 18, 2019

I awoke with a desire for eggs. It's very rare that eat breakfast and even more rare is the waking up with the desire for breakfast. It rarely happens. However, today, it did.

It is a Monday so I will probably text Bean. We do enjoy our razing of Mondays. Easily the worst day of the week. I often reference Tuesday as a bad day - for it is - however, I do believe that, Mondays are worse than Tuesdays.

Mondays are less difficult after I have worked on a Sunday. It's the getting back to business after a lazy Sunday that really makes Mondays Mondays. Mondays after a work filled Monday feels like a Tuesday.

Kind of fun how days have a personality. Like Friday has that end of the week thing going for it. You'll hear people who don't have the standard M-F work week say things like, "today is my Friday" in reference to their Wednesday because they have two days off before it's back to work and so today is the end of the week.

Do people say "today's my Monday?" If they don't they should.

I am almost done with Princesses Behaving Badly and I think, when I finish it, I will immediately read it again. What a fun read. And what incredible stories about real people. What was really interesting was that a couple of the stories were not new. One of the stories I came across when reading The Plantagenets and another from study for Unhinged. Overall what a great find.

Or maybe I will reread the L.A. Candy trilogy. I haven't read that in a minute and maybe some fluff would be nice.

March 16, 2019

I turned on the television and Michigan State and Wisconsin are playing and I realized that this is the first NCAA game that I have watched all season. It's very unlike me. I am usually very ready for March Madness. 

Do I not care? I mean when UCONN isn't in the tourney the care drops exponentially however I can't imagine not caring about basketball at all.

It is clear that I have been consumed with the show. The show has dominated my consciousness to the point that I forgot about college basketball. 

There is probably a small hint of Taylor fandom happening as well. In the last few months when I am jumping on the interwebs to read something random is has been more Taylor related than basketball. I have succumb to my obsession.

I do find it quite enjoyable that in my little world I am associated with her. Just last night in '59, J leaned over and asked, "what's this song 'you found me, you found me you found me e e e e'"

Anyway, I don't have a real dog in the fight tourney related. This year I will root for Michigan cause the homie went there and Michigan State cause the other homie went there. And if they battle each other, then I just won't care.

January 12, 2019

I suck at this writing thing. I straight up opened this up to discover that the last time I made an entry was October something and that's just shameful. I don't make resolutions cause for why? And I don't make excuses because for why? So, I guess I will stop talking about my activity and just make a post.

Life's good. Nothing deep really happening. I am busy. Very busy with working at the store and directing. And teaching. I am teaching a beginning improv class and that's a new adventure. It's definitely a vibe change. When I first started teaching at the Harvard of Comedy, the artistic director told me that they weren't getting a beginning improv vibe from me. I accepted that assessment because I was new and differed better judgment to them. However, after a few years of teaching and getting a better handle on the differences between advanced and beginning improv, I think my vibe is nice.

I spent New Year's Eve at home alone. I stayed up just long enough to text my kids "Happy New Year" and then I went off to bed. My homie Ron always says, "how you bring in the new year is how you will spend your year" so hopefully that means I will spend my year home alone, in bed, staying up 'til 12:12 am.

On the first day of the new year, I met up with friends for brunch at a friend's house and we watched the Reputation Tour Movie. So. Good. Like insanely good. There was so much that went on during that show that I totally missed when I was there.

Don't get me wrong. I would not trade my concert experience for anything in the world. Out seats were a key part in meeting Mama Swift and getting picked to go to the Rep Room and meet Taylor. I am just saying, from where we were sitting, we missed a lot of the visuals and overall stage picture and it was nice to see it on film.

It was also nice to begin the year hanging with friends and creating memories. Super fun times.

October 3, 2018

I feel like writing in the morning makes this feel like less of a diary and more like an exercise in writing. Though I can't imagine not writing about the events of the day before. Or days rather. I don't know if I have achieved a level of consistency yet. Oh god am I writing about writing?

Most recently there was an issue with my daughter and school and phones calls and the take away was that my kid feels pressure. That she needs to know what she wants to do in life and she needs to start preparing for those things and man what a load of crap that is. Who ever thought that I would be telling a 15 year old that you don't have to have life figured out by 15. Hell, I'm three times that age and I don't have life figured out.

This is also why I hate the modern school system and why I left teaching and why I will never go back. I love to teach and thank the universe that I found the opportunity to teach adults comedy. This thing they do to kids in schools is horrible. They use money to motivate - which is sick cause every single person there would leave that place for more dough - and they drive children towards college - which defeats the motivation cause damn near all the "rich" folk from Bill Gates to Jay-Z are college dropouts.

I don't really give a damn about education reform but I do care about my kid and so now I have to make a concerted effort to counter the brainwash that is happening at her school. It's unfortunate that schools are more invested in producing worker bees than intelligent socially conscious human beings.

Also, dating sucks. Give. That. Up.