The Defiant Thomas Brothers


The Defiant Thomas Brothers and what people I know think about us

I am one half of the comedy duo The Defiant Thomas Brothers and we are currently running a comedy show in the brand new Blackout Cabaret theater in the Second City Chicago Training Center complex. 

I think we're amazing and I think our show is fantastic. Of course, I am biased because I am one half of the duo and I co-wrote and co-star in the self titled show. But that doesn't mean it isn't so. It just means I may not be the most objective about it. *shrug*

When we announced that we were opening the show, we got some nice press from both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune.  My favorite quote from the Chicago Tribune piece is "But the Defiant Thomas Brothers had quite the profile before then; they could well have rivaled Key and Peele, I have long thought, especially since they were similarly formidable writers."

That was pretty badass for me since I have mad respect for Key & Peele; especially Key who used to drop dimes on me in the back of Cocoran's Grill and Pub when he was a cast member of the Second City e.t.c. stage and I was a student of the Second City Training Center.

"Never fear being the tertiary character in a scene." - Keegan-Michael Key 

But I digress. 

We opened and there was very little feedback in the form of reviews. There is the Kerry Reid review of our performance at Sketchfest - for the Chicago Tribune - in which Reid wondered "why these two never got a big shot at the "seamless" Hollywood comedy machine." 

And there is the Yelp review from Shin M. who wrote in all caps "DO NOT SEE THE DEFIANT THOMAS BROTHERS" because she "had a straight face the entire time" But other than that feedback is slim pickings.

So, I emailed a few people I know who saw the show and asked them to tell me what they thought of it. Here are a few responses:

"The show is clever, smart, and fresh - you'll leave still laughing about the jokes and discussing the sketches. And if you pay attention closely enough, you'll catch even more wit and creativity in the smallest of in-between moments..." @lauraglyda

"I like The Defiant Thomas Brothers because on the surface, their sketches seem like nothing more than dudes in silly situations, but if you look deeper, they do provide a comical take on racial society without hitting the audience over the head with it.  Plus the music played between the sketches was created by the duo and enhances the entire performance!" @shesowise

"The Defiant Thomas Brothers Show is hilarious! I've seen it twice!" @ECarltonBrown

"This show is just as fucking funny as it is fucking smart." @MissMason 

For an unsolicited thought I took to Facebook. Here's my favorite post.

Lastly, I asked 30 years comedy veteran and star of the LOGO TV comedy special "I Need a Snack" Karen Williams about The Defiant Thomas Brothers:

"The Defiant Thomas Brothers are hilarious, insightful, cutting edge and on the mark. Their wit is contagious and their writing is nothing short of brilliant."

Thanks mom.

I think it's safe to say I'm not the only one who thinks we are pretty amazing. 

And that's fantastic.

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