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February 25th show guest Chad Briggs

Chad Briggs has been a fixture in the Chicago comedy scene for the past several years. In addition to stand up, he's known for his character work and has been taking on more and more acting roles as of late. He can be seen in the independent drama "Hellion" starring Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis.

Check out Chad Briggs as DK Ediger.

CLICK HERE to see Chad as a father who doesn't have long to live who leaves behind something special for his son. 

Tune in February 25th as we interview Chad Briggs live on The Seth Williams Show.

February 18 show guest Kelvin Roston, Jr.

This week's guest is the talented Kelvin Roston, Jr.

Check him out in this trailer for The Jackie Wilson Story

But you probably know him from this last Christmas season as the family man with the big ole tree

Tune in February 18 as we interview Kelvin Roston, Jr. live on The Seth Williams Show


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