LeBron James is the new Christian Laettner

People hate LeBron James. I thought it was the regular dislike that any athlete that manages to win multiple times receives however this Finals has revealed a level of hate that I haven't seen since Christian Laettner.

My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of posts calling LBJ names like Crybaby, LeBum and SheBron. Some have complained that the announcers are showing him too much love. Some are even insinuating that the refs are being paid off by LBJ.

And almost all of these posts are from people who aren't Warriors fans and probably didn't know there was an NBA team in Oakland until videos of Stephen Curry's daughter went viral.

Why the hate?

This isn't a guy who allegedly raped a woman in a hotel. This isn't a guy whose gambling problems allegedly lead to the death of his father. This isn't a guy who throws gang signs and hid the name of his hood in the design of his shoe. This isn't a guy with multiple arrests for domestic violence. Yet, all these guys get more love than LBJ.

Why the hate?

Complains over fouls? Who doesn’t? He thinks he's entitled to win? So. Last I checked sense of entitlement doesn't get the ball in hoop. His nickname is King James? Yeah, I struggled with that anointing too back in the day. However, after spending hours trying to figure out a cleverer nickname I had to acquiesce.

Maybe it has absolutely nothing to do with LBJ and everything to do with Haters. And when I say Haters, I don't mean the Taylor Swift "Haters gonna hate" Haters, I mean The Luniz "why you wanna Playa Hate on me" Haters; the Too Short "put you in a cross cause they really just haters" Haters. The people who see a player doing well and can't stand it so they just hate.

That's all LBJ is. A player doing well. Real good. Like triple double in the Finals good. And maybe these people can't stand it because their favorite player (who is not Stephen Curry) nor their favorite team (which is not the Golden State Warriors) is not doing so well...obvi.

This isn't about LeBron James. This is about the large amount of hate that lives in the hearts of men and social media that provides the perfect outlet for hate.

LeBron James is just a target. And long after he is gone, the haters will find a new target.

Now cue Taylor Swift.