I Am Seth Thomas

I am Seth Thomas. I am an American Negro and I don't talk about myself in the third person.

The Nutshell

I was raised by a single, black, militant, lesbian, Buddhist, stand-up comedian from the Bronx, in Berkeley during the 1980's. The rest is just random information.

The Nut

I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and spent the first few years of my life in Stratford, Connecticut home of my father and grandmother. After the divorce of my parents, Mother and I moved to Santa Monica, California where we lived with my grandfather and became Buddhists.
The Buddhist organization of which we were a part had a brass band for the young men and it was in that band that my love for music was cultivated. With the brass band I traveled to New York, Seattle and Hawaii all before the age of 13. I was also in Southern California so naturally, I began acting as well.

In 1980, Mother and I moved to the Bay Area. We lived all over Oakland until finally settling in Berkeley where I attended high school. I continued to do theater and marching band and at Berkeley High School, I discovered my affection for storytelling.
After high school - and four years of exploration that included discovering Christianity, Islam and guns - I moved to Georgia to attend college.

I studied Speech Communication at a private university called Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta. I marched with the band; pledged the band fraternity; pledged a National Pan-Hellenic Council fraternity;  served as student government undergraduate president; wrote for the school paper (once - an interview with Jay-Z though so yeah, I'm claiming that); and acted with the school's theater group. It was also during this time that I began making hip hop music and became Seth Thomas.
(At my core I am an MC and Seth Thomas is my stage name. I was born Yusef. Because of humans' affection for monosyllabic monikers, I have always been called Sef and when I started rapping, I used the name Sef when I referred to myself. S-E-F never looked good on paper to me and shortly after I decided I needed a stage name, I was in the studio and the engineer said, "man, you have great timing. You're like a clock." I looked up and the clock in the studio was a Seth Thomas. I have been Seth Thomas ever since.)

After college, I moved to Compton, California to be with my newly found older brother and after a year there I took a bus to Chicago, Illinois to visit my best friend. I have been here ever since.
I discovered The Second City and my life changed forever. I graduated from the conservatory at The Second City, Chicago and met Paul Thomas and formed the comedy duo The Defiant Thomas Brothers. We broke up and then got back together and we are better than ever.

As of this post, I am still in Chicago, Illinois. I still make rap music, I still perform and travel with The Defiant Thomas Brothers and I have the honor to teach at The Second City, Chicago. I have also begun to write. I write the stories I am so used to telling and other random stuff that I don't know how to categorize except as writings. (Visit the writing post if you want to read some "writings".)
I think that's it for now. I mean, there are like plays and albums and stories and children and all that good stuff and you'll have to meet me or read the book to get that stuff.

Love More.