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This damn blog

I have a blog. This one. I pretty much got it so that I could have my own email address but also because I want to be a writer. I want to write and I was told once that writers write. I don't write.

Not consistently. I don't have identify a specific amount of time daily to write stuff and I should. I want to be a writer and writers write.

I was told that I am too social to be a writer. Writers are those recluse types that hide in the woods and pen epics. I could never. I am tempted to right now to stop writing this post and grab my phone and tweet "trying to write on my blog" but I won't cause I am trying to write on my blog. Cause I want to be a writer and writers write.

This blog has gone through so many changes. It was once a blog with guest authors but they weren't writers so the posts were more sporadic than my posts.

It was once a place to find the scripts for my web series SWFS 4 Life but then I started doing rewrites so I took them down.

I have off and on used the blog to post the random writings I have written like stories from my life and whatever.

I don't know. I don't know if I am thinking more about the viewership or who is reading or what I want to talk about. It's not nerve racking. I don't stress at night about it. But I don think about it because I want to write. And writers write.

Maybe I should just stop thinking about it and just write.