Dear Meow: An email never sent

Dear Meow,

So I was recently using my sister account to check some stuff out on Facebook - I refuse to have my own account - I happened to see your name and so I was stalking your Facebook page and I see you have a child now and I am kinda got happy for you and started to email you a congratulations email but then I remembered I hate you.

Hate is a strong word. I massively dislike you. I always have. 

Which is crazy because we tried again. Which was crazy. Because I love you. I always have. Which is crazy.

I was home recently and Mother still has pictures of you. Which is crazy. Because I destroy all things when relationships are over and I foolishly think that every does the same. I found out that everyone does not.

Do you remember faking like you were sick so I wouldn't go see my friends? 

Do you remember calling me from a bathroom stall and telling my your cover was blown and that they were going to kill you and that before you die you wanted me to know you hate it when I wear grey?

And who could ever forget the genital wart fiasco. By the way, you never cleared my name with your parents so fuck you for that too.

Anyway, I am not emailing you. Congratulations on your baby. I hope she grows up beautiful like her momma and smart like her momma and sane...nothing like her momma.