I saw a dead body across the street from the club

If you've seen a corpse, tell us about it.

He was young. Nineteen would have been my guess. He was wearing an orange polo shirt - short sleeves - with a slightly longer white tee on underneath. That was kind of the style back then in Atlanta. He was wearing blue jeans and some black sneakers. I don't remember the socks. I do remember a small puddle of blood in which one side of his face was resting. His eyes were open.

I didn't know the kid. I have no idea who shot him or why he was shot. I don't even know when he got shot. The body was there when we got to the club.

The club seven thirty-something was a local club in Atlanta. Let me back up. When I was in college down in Atlanta, there was a large population of students from out of town. Almost every other person was from somewhere that was not Georgia. As a result, there were a lot of clubs in Atlanta that catered to the university scene. Most of the college crowd partied in these clubs. Naturally, Atlanta had its own club scene a scene that catered to Atlanta natives and we referred to these establishments as local clubs. Many of us discovered the local scene. Seven thirty-something was a local club.

Back then, clubs in Atlanta stayed open until six so the scene didn't really get popping until after midnight so I have no idea what happened prior to our arrival that night. We were walking on the right side of the street - the club was on the left side of the street but from where we parked to where the club was the other side of the street didn't have a sidewalk. So you had to walk to a certain point on the right until the sidewalk appeared on the left and that's where the club was - and at the point where we were supposed to cross was the body.

There wasn't anyone around. I looked down at the body then immediately looked up and around like what is going on. When I looked across the street, I saw a line of people outside the club and most of them were looking at me. Clearly, they too had seen the body before getting in line. I looked back at the body.

He was gone. It felt like I was looking at a shell. All signs of life was gone. I don't really remember any thoughts or mental reactions to the sight of the body, I just remember looking at him. Part of me was waiting for a sign of life while the other part of me was possessing the fact that I was staring at a dead body.

I had never seen a dead body like this before. Up until that time I had only been to one funeral and I viewed the body. It was awful. I mean he was dressed nicely and his makeup was flawless. But he looked so weak. He was my favorite teacher in high school and he was such a strong, tall, proud man and I hated seeing him in any other state. I had been fortunate enough to have not experienced much death in the family and I didn't go to funeral of dead kids in the neighborhood. We were never that close. So, up until this moment, I had not been face to face with a corpse. This was a brand new experience for real.

This guy was dressed in his every day wear. There was no makeup. No positioning. No presentation. He was lying in the exact spot where he lost his life. And alone. That's what I remember the most. There wasn't anyone with the body. No one waiting on an ambulance. None of that dying in the arms of someone holding him looking up to the heavens asking why. He was just there.

I must have zoned out because the next thing I remember is hearing my name. I looked up and my buddy was budding across the street motioning behind me. I looked back and there were like six people headed to the club. I ran across the street and got in line. And I watched from my spot in line as the six people that were behind me stopped to look at the dead body. The body was still there when we went into the club. When we came out it was gone and there was evidence that the police had been there. I never read about it and since I wasn't a local, I never heard about it. There is no story for me to attach to the body I saw.

Except mine.